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Project Management

Tricon International Co. uses the required expertise, resources, and tried-and-true best practices to make sure your company’s projects are finished on schedule and within budget. We offer the following PM services, among others:

  • The creation of CPM scheduling as well as the analysis of baseline and updated schedules
  • Create and evaluate project management plans, project controls, and contract administration policies and procedures
  • Check cost estimates as they are being developed to see if they cover the entire work scope, reasonable engineering and project management costs, equipment and material costs, labor rates and productivity factors, design development, and contingency allowances based on the engineering and design quality upon which the estimate is based.
  • Offer risk analysis services as part of the process of generating the baseline schedule and reviewing the initial cost estimates, or as part of the schedule update and cost forecasting process.
  • providing on-site cost and schedule control, progress reporting, schedule development, and labor productivity evaluation.
  • Audit  project management, contract administration, and cost and schedule performance of ongoing projects.
  • Services for forensic scheduling analysis and claims avoidance/dispute resolution.
  • Claims investigation, evaluation, and analysis, as well as litigation support.

Infrastructure & EPC

Tricon International concentrates on the development and execution of EPC projects in the commercial, industrial, and infrastructural sectors throughout the Middle East.


We offers full EPC services that cover project management, lifecycle solutions, basic and conceptual engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning, and operation startup, among other things.


Tricon International’s outstanding engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance resources, together with our own manufacturing and equipment capabilities, have enabled us to provide a “one-stop” shop for the management and implementation of EPC projects.


Our engineering and construction team is multi-disciplined (Electrical, chemical, mechanical, environmental, civil, and industrial) and has years of expertise working with the water, wastewater, electricity, renewable energy, and oil & gas industries.


We carry out all necessary construction services in accordance with contractual obligations, applicable legal requirements, and recognized and ethical engineering principles in a way that safeguards and preserves public health, safety, the environment, and welfare.


Tricon International fabricate a wide variety of industrial products, including pressure vessels, all kinds of steel piping, steel structure, GRP/FRP piping, pump SKIDs, any special structure and more.


By taking charge of the engineering, procurement, fabrication, pre-assembling, trial fitting, and load-out of large complex structures, we make sure that our clients encounter the minimum possible interface risks.


Tricon International uses cutting-edge production machinery for a variety of processes, including cutting, rolling, profile forming, welding, blasting, and painting. We guarantee quality and safety that is recognized across the world, prompt delivery, and a professional personnel and well-developed procedures.


We are a well-known industry leader today, with key competencies in the fabrication of:

  • Pressure vessels, such as towers, columns, receivers, scrubbers, tanks, and storage vessels.
  • A variety of modules, skids, and platforms, including those for firewater, cooling, metering, chemical dosing, MEG, TEG fuel gas, and many more.
  • Piping spools from a variety of materials for use in water, wastewater, power, petrochemical, onshore, and subsea applications as well as build the supporting structures and fittings needed to handle corrosive environments.


Inspection & NDT

With our top-notch services in non-destructive testing (NDT), materials testing, and welding quality, we assist you in ensuring the reliability and safety of your products, machinery, or plant assets.

We have more than ten years of third-party inspection experience, and we have a proven track record of finishing projects in the oil industry, petrochemical facilities, power plants, tanks, pipelines, offshore installations, cranes, and mobile equipment.
In order to fulfill our clients’ most demanding requirements in accordance with numerous International Specifications, we provide all types of non-destructive testing methods, including radiography, ultrasonic, and other advanced techniques.
In addition to developing and implementing inspection and test plans for units and equipment that are best suited for the fabrication industry (above ground storage tanks, piping systems, pipelines, pressure vessels, and various structures), we also have extensive experience with corrosion rate calculations for all types of marine vessels as well as temporary and permanent repairs.
We also have Third Party Inspection Teams that are highly skilled and experienced to meet the requirements of Pre-shipment Inspection as well as to provide evaluation surveys of existing facilities in the Oil and Gas Industries.

Automation Systems

Tricon International offer programming and integration services for all of your automation requirements, from design to installation, commissioning, and after-sale support.

Our highly qualified engineers can design, manufacture, and manage a variety of automation systems, including DCS, PLCs, SCADA, HMI, PID controllers, single loop digital controllers, and more.

The following, among others, is a list of our automation services:

  • PLC/DCS Detailed System Engineering, programming, configuration, integration with third party systems, and factory acceptance testing.
  • Programming, configuration, and integrating HMI/SCADA systems with control systems.
  • Control panels building, detailed engineering, Internal testing, and FAT
  • the development of safety-integrated systems including design, engineering, configuration, programming, and commissioning.

General Sales

We offer a comprehensive selection of materials and engineering solutions, including field instruments, security systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, and more.

A list of the materials and systems that we can provide, among others, in accordance with client requirements is as follows:

Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • RO & Filtration systems
  • Gas Chlorine Plants
  • Electro-chlorination Plants
  • Chlorine Dioxide Plants
  • Ozone & UV plants
  • Analyzers & Gas detection
  • Aquatics & Pools systems


  • Pumps (Centrifugal, positive displacements, dosing etc.)
  • Valves (PVC, GRP, CS, CSRL, SS, SDSS etc.)
  • Air compressors
  • Tanks
  • Pipelines

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Switchgear
  • Field Instruments
  • Analyzers
  • Automation systems
  • Low voltage & security systems (CCTV, Access control, BMS, Fire alarm, networking etc.)


  • Commodity chemicals (such as acids and sodium chlorite/chlorate)
  • Chemicals for water and waste water treatment (Such as Corrosion/scale Inhibitors and biocide)
  • Chemicals for Oil & Gas

Why Tricon International

We are able to offer our clients value-added services across all of the disciplines and sectors in which we operate, thanks to our exceptional project management expertise, “one-stop” shop for the execution of EPC and infrastructure projects, and collaboration with top technology suppliers around the world.